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Use Pictures and Stories

Help kids remember their times tables by using simple pictures and stories. We raise our kids with pictures, we should teach them with pictures.

Make Math Fun

Fun because frustration is eliminated. Kids learn multiplication using their natural abilities. No anxiety and no stress.

Homeschool And Homework

Complete program for homeschool curriculum or to support your child in a school setting who is struggling to learn their times tables with traditional methods.

What Educators Say About Multiplication Education

“I’ve never had anything work like this program does. The children love it
and they learn those facts!”
Joan Swenson, 2nd grade teacher.
“This allows students to master their times tables using all of their senses. It shows that students can have fun while learning.”
Dr. Katie Barak, Paramount U.S.D

Unique Way to Teach Times Tables
A Different Picture for Each Fact
Perfect for Visual Learners
Includes Movement Activities
Encourages Self Teaching
Hands on Learning and Self-Testing
Increase confidence with success

Instant download for facts 0-9
Everything you need is in this book.

Multiplication Education. Truly a different way to learn multiplication. Perfect for visual spatial learners.